The camp is situated at Junosuando on the upper valley of Torne (Tornedalen), 120 km from Kiruna and 50 from Pajala. There is an airport on both places.

 The camp constitutes for the moment of 3 cabins and a sauna, situated on a small knoll on the west bank of the Torne river, precisely at the bifurcation between Torne and Tärendö rivers.  

This bifurcation is a unique nature phenomenon: a river taking its source from an other and emptiing into a third river. In the world there is only one more such case.  

The camp is small and planned to stay that way to  void an overexploitation of the region. The accomodation capacity is 12 but can be doubled with a lavvun (traditional lapptent). If you are a group of 5 persons or more you will find yourself confortably isolated to enjoy this unique area. 









CAMP TRE ÄLVAR invites you to fish and hunt in these untamed rivers and protected environment witch is one of Tornedalens richest region concerning large water areas and water fowl. Are you intrested in berry and mushroom picking, walking in nature, river tours in canoe or rowboat?

You'll find here the perfect place. For culture enthousiasts there are many possibilities to discover the Tornedals ironworks and farming culture, with visits to art galleries and folklore museum. Free times activities, such as trap shooting with shotguns, target shooting with moving moose target, axe casting arranged during your stay at the camp.

   CAMP TRE ÄLVAR concentrates in fishing and hunting groups as well as company gettogether with a combination of free times activities with hunting and fishing. One of the cabins is large and convenient enough for use as a seminar or discussion hall. Simple equipment such as paper blocks and white board can be arrange. You have also access to a larger hall nearby if so desired. Don't hesitate to contact me for more informations about fishing, hunting and other activities. 

 Best Regards 

 Åke Rensgaard

Camp Tre Älvar:  Telefon och Fax: 0980/100 25, Mobil telefon: 070/343 99 38